20 June 2007

On Take Out Food

We try to have home cooked meals as often as possible but with a baby that needs constant attention and no one to help me around the house (there’s someone who makes the house more messy than it is though), we have no choice but to buy take out food sometimes. Sure I can squeeze in some time in the kitchen if baby girl could sit still for a while (she’s very active nowadays), but sometimes the last resort is just to call hubby to buy food for dinner. I like cooking, I like it more than doing the laundry and folding clothes (both I don’t do by the way) but I just don’t have the time. Funny some think stay at home moms have more freedom, well we don’t. We have more things to do than you could possibly imagine. If you think staying at home is a walk in the park, think again…lol. I still love it though. At the end of the day, spending time with my baby is something I wouldn’t trade for anything. We just have to be contented with take out food from time to time.

14 March 2007

What's your favorite song?

I have a thing for old songs and I'm often teased by my friends because of that.

13 March 2007

Moving Out

We signed the least agreement last night, we’re moving in to our new home on the last week of March. I feel really sad that we’re moving but at the same time I’m excited about our new home. I must remember, change is good.

I’m thinking of how I’m going to spruce up the place when we move in. It has to be baby friendly of course. I have to call the movers guy too, I hope they won’t charge us much. I don’t think we have so much stuff anyway, well clothes maybe but furnitures not so much.

12 March 2007


I got tons of photos of my sisters when I came to Manila. Now I’m all inspired to design layouts! I kinda feel a bit sad because they have tons of photos together without me…it use to be the three of us all the time. You can say moving out puts me out of the picture…lol. Four years seems to be a looong time…but hey I may be out of the photos but definitely not out of their lives.

19 February 2007

Book Book

I’ve read good reviews about Freestyle by Autumn Leaves and I think I could get ideas on how to break out of my comfort zone (designing wise) from this book so I got it (di na ko nakatiis Aggie…lol). The other two are new releases, looks promising to me. I got Freestyle from a local online shopping store so I expect it to be delivered tomorrow. The other two I got from ideabooks4u.com so I think it would take a week or more before it arrives here.

16 February 2007

Happy Birthday

To my baby girl! She's four months old today, and I'm one proud mommy. As usual I’ll be preparing a special meal to celebrate the ocassion. And of course there would be cake too! I’m so happy to see her so healthy and active. She’s getting heavier each day but I don’t mind :) I love to see learn new things each day too. I credit my dad for encouraging her to roll over. My baby loves her daddy-lo so much, you should see her light up whenever she sees him. He was actually making funny faces to make her laugh and she managed to imitate one of them. It’s her favorite past time now…lol. I think everyone in this house will miss her when we leave next week. Oh well I guess I should send pictures and videos more often huh.

04 August 2006

Something to show

This is my 27 weeks pregnant self...finally blogger allowed me to post this here. I've been trying since yesterday, is it because of the photo?Lol.

I got lots of digiscrapping goodies from my CTs today, will work on that later. I'm part of yet another wonderful CT...Dawn Wilson's. I'm so excited. I must say I really enjoy designing layouts for Baby J's baby album at the moment, I just finished a two-page layout. I'm checking out different scrapbooking sites for Baby/Babyish kits I could use. Its all about pastel colors!

Hmmm...everyone seems to be moving their blog somewhere else these days, I must update my links.